I'll be working on improving the presentation as well as adding projects as I get the time. If you have requests, either for new/better functions, or something that doesn't work, or adding/correcting the project information please send me an email and let me know. Thanks for looking. And don't forget my other sites, Wind Farm Realities and Amherst Island Wind Info.

I've starting adding the offshore projects, mostly to show a little of what is in store if the moratorium is ever lifted. The placement and size of most of these is speculative, based on what little information I can find. Any updates additions etc would be appreciated. Ontario has also alloted additional sections of the lakebeds that I'm not showing for more wind projects. Imagine a 20 km thick area located 5 km offshore running along maybe 80% of the shores of Huron, Erie and Ontario.

Below is the current list of southern Ontario counties that I intend to include on this site. If you know of any additional activity in any of these please let me know. There's a feeding frenzy going on and keeping up with it is impossible.

Bruce Chatham-Kent Dufferin Durham Elgin
Essex Frontenac Grey Haldimand-Norfolk Huron
Kawartha Lambton Lennox-Addington Middlesex Niagara
PEC Perth Simcoe Stormont Wellington

I also have a list of projects (shown below) that exist, but about which I am unable to find out very much - at least not enough for me to place them on the map. If you know of anything about the location of the following projects, or have a link to more information, again please let me know.

Colchester Eirin Grey Highlands Clean Energy Lakeside Breezes Lucan
Oakland Pioneer Proof Line II Seaforth Shiloh
Skyway 127 Teviotdale Walker Marsh Wardsville Weber

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